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technology patent

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Invention patent:

1. Title of invention: Method for producing isobutylene from methyl tert-butyl ether cracking

Patent number: ZL200810017086.3

2. Title of the invention: A method for preparing tert-butanol by hydration of isobutylene in the C4 component

Patent number: ZL200810016874.0

3. Title of Invention: Method for preparing butadiene by oxidative dehydrogenation of butene in axial fixed bed

Patent number: ZL200810140304.2

Utility model patent certificate:

1. Utility model name: Oxidative dehydrogenation tail gas recovery device

Patent number: ZL201120424784.2

2. Utility model name: blower with baffle door

Patent number: ZL201120423953.0

3. Name of utility model: Tail gas recovery device of ether decomposition to isobutylene plant

Patent number: ZL201120424783.8

4. Utility model name: non-condensable waste gas utilization device

Patent number: ZL201120452010.0

5. Name of utility model: Mechanical seal balancing liquid filling device

Patent number: ZL201120424886.4

6. Utility model name: Circulating butene extraction tower of methyl ethyl ketone unit

Patent number: ZL201120452313.2

7. Utility model name: methyl ethyl ketone alcohol extraction tower device

Patent number: ZL201120423473.4

8. Utility model name: circulating fluidized bed boiler sludge drying device

Patent number: ZL201120424434.6

9. Name of utility model: Waste water heat energy conversion device

Patent number: ZL201120423472.X

10. Utility model name: Device for cooling the cooling and sealing circulating water

Patent number: ZL201120424888.3

11. Utility model name: Special tool for maintenance and alignment of mainframe pumps

Patent number: ZL201120452327.4

12. Utility model name: Etherolysis device reactor reaction tail gas waste heat recovery device

Patent number: ZL201120424412.X

13. Name of the utility model: Methanol Refining Modification Device

Patent number: ZL201120530384.X

14. Name of utility model: mechanical seal of lye circulation pump

Patent number: ZL201120566104.0

15. Utility model name: Tray coupling mechanism for methyl ethyl ketone hydration reactor

Patent number: ZL201120532408.5