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The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of chemical products such as methyl ethyl ketone, MTBE, isobutylene and tert-butanol. It has a number of proprietary core technologies, mainly embodied in: methyl ethyl ketone raw material butene refined production technology, butene hydration application high-purity raw material Butene production technology; technology to improve the efficiency of hydration reactors; high purity and low water value production technology for methyl ethyl ketone products; production technology for reducing by-products to increase value-added production; optimization of MTBE reactor combination technology; high purity and low consumption of isobutylene and tert-butanol products Production technology; comprehensive utilization technology of industrial wastewater, etc.

  1. Refining production technology of methyl ethyl ketone raw material butene

The company optimized and integrated the existing domestic raw material separation technology, and successfully realized the DCS control of the butene separation device, made full use of the company’s accumulated production experience for many years, adopted high-efficiency rectification technology, and made full use of the advantages of the combined device. . The implementation of the above technology enables the butene separation unit to have the advantages of reasonable process flow, strong raw material adaptability, stable operation, low energy consumption and material consumption, butene purity and high processing yield, which greatly improves the solvent recovery rate and reduces sewage discharge and nature. The level of safety has formed a proprietary production technology with high recovery and high purity for the refining of methyl ethyl ketone raw materials.

2.Butene hydration application high-purity raw material butene production technology

By increasing the concentration of supplemented fresh butene, the technology for the production of butene, a high-purity raw material for butene hydration applications, was developed. The concentration of butene was increased by 10%, which effectively increased the single-pass conversion rate.

3.High purity, low water value production technology of methyl ethyl ketone products

The company has carried out a series of technical innovations on the methyl ethyl ketone refining system, and at the same time optimized the process control plan of the dehydration refining system, achieved stable methyl ethyl ketone process control, and greatly improved product quality. The product purity was greater than 99.9% during the reporting period. The water content is less than 300×10-6.

4.Optimizing MTBE reactor combination form technology

In order to broaden the source of raw materials, and to apply the residual C4 and refinery C4, the company has set up the drum reactors in sections so that they can be used in series and in parallel, thus forming a unique combination of MTBE reactor technology. The successful application of this technology has achieved the goal of high catalyst utilization.

5.High-purity, low-consumption production technology for isobutylene products

Through a series of technical innovations and transformations on the refining system of the isobutene device, and the joint development of new catalysts with scientific research institutes, the company has formed a proprietary production technology for isobutene products with high purity and low consumption, achieving low material consumption, low energy consumption and high product purity. , The goal of less investment in equipment.

6.Low-consumption production technology of tert-butanol

The company adopted new catalysts and advanced control methods, and carried out a series of technical transformation measures on the equipment, forming a low-consumption production technology of tert-butanol, which greatly reduced consumption.

7.Reduce by-products and increase value-added production technology

The company has reduced the number of by-products and effectively improved the utilization rate of raw materials through a number of transformations and optimizations such as the reaction system and the refining system. Through the deep processing of by-products, the added value is increased; the intermediate products are refined to produce high-quality products such as high-purity, high-value-added sec-butanol. The company has also jointly developed by-product hydrogen refining technology with scientific research units, and has successfully realized industrialization, recycling the directly discharged hydrogen, greatly improving resource utilization, and achieving good environmental and economic benefits. Through the above-mentioned series of efficient, comprehensive and recycling use of resources, the company has formed a low-consumption, low-emission and high-efficiency economical growth mode, which is fully in line with the national policy of developing a circular economy.

8.Comprehensive utilization technology of industrial wastewater

The company adopts a unique process to treat the industrial waste water directly discharged from the tert-butanol unit, and achieves recycling, so that the industrial waste water of the unit basically reaches zero discharge. Through technical research, advanced treatment was carried out on a small amount of oily wastewater that was originally designed to be treated only by incineration of the methyl ethyl ketone device, and part of the organic matter was recovered, reaching the emission target. The company also uses most of the wastewater from the plant as a supplement to the circulating water after advanced treatment. Through a series of technological innovations and the development and application of core technologies, the comprehensive utilization of industrial wastewater has been realized and the external discharge has been reduced.